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Our innovative products, solutions, and proven leadership in hospitals and industry provide you with the tools you need to transform your business. Not only will you receive the quantitative results you desire, but our culture of integrity and respect for our clients ensures a long-lasting relationship. We take pride in our consulting, coaching, and mentoring. We realize our business practices and products affect you and those you work and care for. Our business model protects you, our client, with the safety of knowing that you won't pay us a penny more than we actually save you. We are confident that you will acheive far more savings in real dollars.

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Productivity TherapyTM is the critical process of Equipping Care Giving Organizations with the Tools needed to Transform Themselves!
Productivity TherapyTM is a proven productivity improvement method for care giving organizations such as hospitals, clinics, long term care, and hospice. Productivity TherapyTM includes interventions that strengthen the productivity of a healthcare team just as physical therapy strengthens muscles after surgery. Productivity TherapyTM recognizes that improving productivity outcomes in a healthcare organization is an organic process with a rigorous and proven regimen.Rapid Modeling’s proven regimen for hospital productivity improvement includes new tools for the measurement of key indicators that impact the productivity of your organization; and the training, coaching, and national benchmarking data to ensure that you achieve your productivity goals.
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Time Study RN/MD
Standardized Nurse and Hospitalist Time Studies for TCAB and Releasing Time to Care!
TCAB Categories
Measure Care Giver Time at the Beside
Productivity Improvement
Over 350 Hospitals use Time Study RN
Self Sampling
Developed by Nurses for Nurses
Automated Statistics
Generate Easy to use Reports Automatically
Compatible with the National Benchmarking Database
Laout IQ
CAD Compatibility
Support all CAD software
Multiple scenarios
Supports Unlimited Multiple Scenarios
Best Results
Measure Layout Efficiency
Reduce Costs
Dynamically Calculates Resource Travel Distance
Data Options
Subjective Mode includes Multiple Options


SM Small
Simulation Modeling and Optimization
Discrete Event and Continuous Modeling Experts
Nurse Staffing Ratios
Warehouse Throughput Modeling
Patient Flow Opt.
Business Process Risk Modeling
Ed Capacity Planning
Factory Capacity Modeling
Resource Flow Opt.
Integrated in Rapid Enginering Methodology
Time Studies
Eliminate data entry and accurately record data
Work Sampling
Understand and optimize your resources
Random Studies
Set an alarm that cues the sampler to input an entry
Self Sampling
Use the random alarm to have employees self work sample
Simultaneous Studies
You can study up to 10 processes at the same time
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Quality Audits
Environmental, Health and Safety Management Audits
ISO Inspections
HACCP Audits and Regulation
Product & Process Audits
Operational Audits, Department Reviews
IS Audits
Eliminate post-Audit Work
Investigative Audits
Follow-up Audits & Customized Inspection Process
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Save Money
 Significantly Reduce Overtime and Labor Costs
Do More w/L Staff
 Managers have More Time to MANAGE and Train
Empower Your
 Employess can Schedule Themselves
 Make Assignments with Budget/Cost Impact
Increase Efficiency
 Automatically Send Shift Assignments & Reminders
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Visit UMT Plus Product Page

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