Work measurement software ideal for Time Studies, Lean Manufacturing, Work Sampling, and Self work sampling

Many organizations aren't sure how much time studies can improve their operations, and therefore profit. And, some of those who do recognize how critical the studies are perform them the "old way" with a stopwatch and notepad.

Rapid Modeling delivers world-class tools such as Kaizen, Kanban, Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing as well as other continuous improvement software and solutions.

Saving you Time & Money
Collecting data on a handheld computer with UmtPlus can save you more than 50% of the time you would have spent using a stopwatch. Furthermore, by eliminating the step of manual data entry, you minimize the risk of potential error.

Create Your Study, Your Way
Whether it is self sampling or more traditional work measurement studies, UmtPlus is developed to be a flexible program that allows you to easily customize each study to suit your needs.

Find Your Solutions Faster
Doing work measurement studies with UmtPlus grants you instant access to reports that will help you to quickly determine where and how to implement your solutions.
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UmtPlus is the ultimate tool for performing:
Time Studies
Eliminate data entry and accurately record data
Work Sampling
Understand and optimize your resources
Random Studies
Set an alarm that cues the sampler to input an entry
Self Work Sampling
Use the random alarm to have employees self work sample
Simultaneous Studies
You can study up to 10 processes at the same time

Work Measurement solution for Health Care:
Carefully built configuration specific to nurses and physicians: TIME STUDY RN

UmtPlus includes 3 comprehensive software modules:
  • UmtManager: This program allows you to easily create, edit and manage any number of configurations from a PC to perform your time study or work sampling.
  • UmtPlus (for PDA): This program allows you to accurately collect data for work measurement on handheld computers.
  • StatUmt: This program allows you to instantly review reports and graphs while easily manipulating data for analysis on a PC

    Instant and accurate results displayed in List of actions, Summary, Normalized Summary, cycle report, Graph by Type and or Category, Pareto Charts, Compilation Charts, Takt Time Chart, Time Distribution chart, Pie Charts, Stack Charts, line balancing Charts and more.

    FOR MS EXCEL USERS: Data can be sent to MS EXCEL either by exporting the data to an excel file, or by customizing the data transfer so that your EXISTING CUSTOM EXCEL TEMPLATES can be AUTOMATICALLY POPULATED with your data.
Our industry experts also come with the deal, making sure that you are getting everything you need out of your work measurement studies. We guarantee it.

What do I do now?
Our proven lean manufacturing software replaces the lengthy process of using stopwatches and notepads, eliminating the tedious task of data entry, making time studies and work sampling easier and more efficient. These valuable studies are reduced in duration from weeks and months to a matter of days, allowing the company to implement changes and solutions much faster.

Start saving the time you are wasting, while trying to find out where you are wasting time!
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Importance of Work Measurement
Setting standards and performance ratings can enable continuous improvement in any organization, however these standards need to be continually tested. Time studies and work sampling studies are the best way to see where time is being spent and measure non value adding activities to identify wasted time. Performing time studies and/ or work sampling using a mobile device is more efficient, more accurate and more easy to use. Laubrass software has proven to be the best time study software on the market. Try it for free today.