UmtPlus - How it Works!

UmtPlus includes 3 comprehensive software modules:

UmtPlus Chart 3

1. UMT Manager

UMT Manager is designed to allow you to easily create, edit and manage your study at the comfort of your PC. Once you have completed your configuration, in a simple click you can transfer the study to any number of PDAs and you will be ready to start your study.

Did you forget to program an element in the PDA? Don't worry, you are able to easily add it directly on your PDA, or you can even program your entire study from the PDA if you prefer, it's all about flexibility!

UMT Manager Worksheet
To the left is an example of the UMT Manger worksheet - each cell can be programmed individually with up to 16 levels per element. Once transferred to a PDA, you will see three columns at a time, so you can design the layout to meet your needs.
Easily Program Each Key
Click the key you wish to program from the UMT Manager worksheet, and simply complete the fields that are relevant to your time study or work sampling study. You will be able to see reports on activity type, activity category and much more.
Transfer your Configuration
The UMT Manager Program allows you to automatically transfer the data into an MS Excel, MS Access, a STATUMT study file or all three, all you have to do is check the transfer type you want.

The UMT Manager Program has a wealth of features and benefits that help you to perform a more accurate study with greater ease. To learn more about how this program can benefit you, please view our online demonstration

.2. UmtPlus (PDA)

Collect data simply by clicking on the applicable element on your PDA
UmtPlus is designed to facilitate and optimize your data capture process. Once you have completed your study, simply transfer the data back to your PC and you are ready to start your analysis.

  • Want to know how the study is going? On your PDA you can review your statistics in real time.

Below is an example of what UmtPlus can look like on a PDA. Simply click on an element and the time is logged.


  • Not only are PDAs easier to use than stopwatches, you can also quickly demonstrate that you are aiming to reduce the non-value added activities to improve efficiency... it is not as intimidating as the stopwatch system.

With UmtPlus on your PDA, you benefit from these features:

  • Times are recorded to 1/100th of a second
  • You can view and edit all observations at any time while on the floor
  • You can use multiple PDAs to collect data
  • Enter up to eight descriptive headers for each study
  • Add speed ratings to your observations
  • Add numeric codes automatically or manually as you go
  • Add comments to your observations manually or automatically
  • View the designated amount of observations needed to respect statistical parameters
  • And so much more...

The UmtPlus Program has a wealth of features that help you to collect data more easily and more accurately. To learn more about how this program can benefit you, view our online demonstration .

3. StatUMT

This sophisticated statistical program is the perfect tool to analyze your data.

Spreadsheets are great, but limited... With the amazing StatUMT program, you can combine files with a simple click and analyze more than a million observations at a time.

  • Instantly view reports and graphs
  • Easily transfer data to MS Excel or MS Access with a simple click.
  • Ability to combine compatible studies
  • Easy to edit a study at any time
  • Exclude data from your analysis - reports are automatically recalculated
  • StatUmt will test all studies for you, according to your criteria
  • Charts and reports can be presented and printed by duration or occurrence
  • And so much more...

This statistical program offers a wealth of features that help you to analyze your data and share your results. To learn more about how this sophisticated software can benefit you, please view our online demonstration .