Now you can use a handheld computer to automate your assessments and eliminate the tedious task of data entry.


Virtually any kind of audit can be pre-programmed so that you can log your observations more quickly. This also allows you to standardize the audit process. Once your assessment is complete, easily transfer your data and have direct access to reports.

NEW!! Perform audits electronically without changing your current data base

UmtAudit can now push and pull data from your existing data base* .Your organization can take advantage of the many benefits of electronic data capture, while not having to go through the headache of changing your entire system.

audit capabilitiesWith this program, your REPORTS ARE AVAILABLE INSTANTLY.

Save Time, Save Money

Now, using UmtAudit™, you can automate your inspection process to have instant access to reports. This means that you can virtually eliminate the entire post-audit stage... saving you time and money.

Perform a More Thorough Assessment

Auditors have told us that by using UmtAudit™, they can log their assessments more efficiently, allowing more attention to detail during the audit.

Facilitate the Auditing Process

Now, all of the information that you need to perform and complete your study can be stored in the palm of your hand. Furthermore, you no longer need to write and re-write your answers because they can be pre-programmed for you!

UmtAudit™ includes 3 comprehensive software modules:

  1. UmtAudit Manager:

    This program allows you to easily create, edit and manage any number of studies from a PC. You can customize questions, answers, criteria and so much more...

  2. UmtAudit (for PDA or Tablet PC):

    This program allows you to accurately log your observations on a handheld computer or a Tablet PC. Take advantage of predefined notes, freehand notes and photo options to facilitate your assessment process.

  3. StatAudit:

    This program allows you to instantly review, edit and print professional audit reports on your PC, virtually eliminating the post audit stage.


UmtAudit™ is the ideal tool for performing:

Qualitity Audits Environmental, Health and Safety Management

ISO Inspections HACCP Audits and Regulation Compliance Audits

Product & Process Audits Operational Audits, Department Reviews, State of

IS Audits Eliminate post-audit work, let UmtAudit do it for you

Investigative Reviews Follow-up Audits & Customized Inspection Process