Shifthound RMC



  • Fill open shifts and schedule
    your workforce online and real
  • Reduce overtime and temporary 
    labor costs
  • Save money and time lost to
    managerial hours spent 
  • Increase competitiveness, empower 
    and retain the best people, and let
    them help you fill your open shifts
  • Profit from more efficient 
    multi-location scheduling,
    borrowing and sharing employees
    to fill open shifts
  • Enable effective decision-making
    with instant visibility of locations,
    shifts & schedules, employees,
    risk areas and budget/cost impacts
  • Easy to implement and use, leading
    to greater adoption and return on investment


  • Accessible to all of your employees via the web 24/7
  • Empower employees with online tools to request 
    when and where they work 
    to fill open shifts
  • Improve employee 
    satisfaction with a level playing field as all employees are notified of shifts equally via email
    and text messages
  • Ease the burden on
    managers and increase 
    job satisfaction
  • Easy and fun to use,
    including open shift
    requesting, PTO and shift swapping
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