Simulation Modeling & Optimization

Discrete Event and Continuous Modeling Experts

Simulation modeling or Predictive modeling is a potent tool for developing experimental computer models that are exact copies of an existing system. These models include an AutoCAD layout, and are enhanced visually through animation to verify that the model is running just like the real system. In addition, the model runs real-world patient or product schedules and the behavior of the computer model can be benchmarked against the real system if it exists. Once a simulation model has been created, we can efficiently and accurately run detailed experiments on the computer model, and tune it for outstanding performance without ever disturbing the real system.

Simulation is also commonly used to design new systems from scratch. Starting with a mere concept, our simulation models are regularly used to craft the "perfect facility, hospital, or clinic" for your organization. Simulation is also utilized as an improvement tool to existing systems that under-perform. All aspects of a facility, hospital or outpatient clinic can be created, tested, and validated prior to pouring the concrete.

In Healthcare…

Our diverse experiences in implementing simulation modeling solutions includes many projects across many applications including Operating Departments, Outpatient Clinics, Radiology, Emergency Department, ICU, Orthopedics, Dental Offices, Laboratories, Pharmacy, Individual Practices, Out Patient Services, Administrative Processes, Cafeteria, Parking, Patient Flow, Patient Transfers, Nurse Bedside Processes, Equipment Distribution, Inventory Optimization, and Operating Policy.

In Manufacturing…

Our diverse experiences in implementing simulation modeling solutions includes 100's of projects across many industries, including heavy manufacturing, steel, foundry, mills, appliances, metal cutting, aircraft assembly, aircraft engine, automotive assembly, OEM, fabrication, packaging, communications, banking, restaurants, optics, semi-conductors, electronics manufacturing, electronics assembly, food processing, chemicals, home products, home materials, distribution, logistics, warehousing, mining, healthcare, outpatient, hospital, hospital services, defense, and defense strategy.

What makes us unique is the Rapid Engineering Methodology - (REM) for short…

REM is a simulation modeling standard developed by Rapid Modeling that is designed to deliver the most value, in the least amount of time, regardless of the project size, small or large and exceed your expectations.

The REM standards include a comprehensive naming convention which ensures programming consistency, a standard documentation format, AutoCAD representation of the layout, animation of all resources, visual accountability for all material in the model, decision making metrics displayed during model run, on-the-fly access to experimental parameters, and models optimized for speed. REM also includes a standardized model building methodology that has been refined and proven on over 200 projects. You can read about it in the attached white paper.

These standards ensure that we can deliver a simulation model to you in half the time that another simulation vendor would take, and that the model will give you the answers and functionality you need to solve your problem.